Slide Show The Way Community-based tools to guide people from homeless to housed. Show The Way The app for street outreach Slide Show The Way Community-based tools to guide people from homeless to housed. Show The Way The app for better data collection Slide Show The Way Community-based tools to guide people from homeless to housed. Show The Way The app for self-help tools

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Case Management

Show The Way offers robust tools for mobile case management. Designed to collect HMIS-compliant fields and more, the Case Management module of Show The Way allows for real-time, geo-spatial, client-level data to be captured while in the field. The flow of the app gives space for relationship to be built, along with the case record. Simtech Solutions provides a set of standardized assessments that can be further customized to collect additional information important to your local planning.

  • Easily track alerts and follow-ups for each client
  • Add clients to a specific encampment
  • Log case notes
  • Map where interactions take place over time
  • Collect HMIS data for specific Projects and Funding Sources
  • Review details of past interactions by any member of the navigation team
  • The My Clients feature automatically saves clients the team member is working with to a special list for ease of access
  • ID Card scanning to support rapid intake
  • Optional: Facial Recognition technology can help quickly identify someone



Show The Way Supports Encampment Tracking and Person-Centered Remediation. Within the app, Street Outreach teams can geo-tag the location of specific encampments, with analysis available in the Command Center. Team members can add pictures of encampments and notes about each location.

Encampments can be assigned statuses, indicating if they are currently active, or if no one is present anymore.

Team members can also indicate that individual clients are staying at a particular encampment.

Visit the Knowledge Base to learn more!

Request Assistance

Show The Way provides a platform for first responders, the general public, and others to submit requests for assistance that can either be anonymous, observation-type submissions, or tied to specific clients. Tickets are initially submitted through Show The Way within the app or web version. Submitted Tickets are managed through the Regional Command Center’s tools, including the Dispatch Map and Tickets tab; tickets can also be managed within the app by Street Outreach team members. Show The Way leverages Twilio to send automated text messages and emails alerting users of newly assigned tickets, as well as status updates to the user who submitted the ticket.

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Outreach Team Management

Street Outreach team program leads and supervisors can use the data collected through the Show The Way app for effective Street Outreach team management within the Command Center:  

  • Plan your route for the day 
  • Identify locations with specific service needs 
  • Improve coverage and reduce duplication of effort between teams 

Teams can be created within the Command Center and assigned to specific geographic areas. 

By Name Lists (BNLs)

Ongoing outreach efforts supported with effective data collection tools such as Show The Way would improve data quality and support the ongoing management of a “by name list” of people living unsheltered in your community. The data gathered by outreach workers in Show The Way can be cross-referenced with data in the region’s Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS). Simtech Solutions’ Homelessness Response Framework is one example of how different tools can be pulled together into an integrated effort to manage the data needed to help functionally end homelessness locally.

Resource Directory

Having the most uptodate information to share with persons experiencing homelessness, other service providers, and first responders is vital to effective Street Outreach engagementThe Resource Directory will detail provider-specific information sourced from your local Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), with additional information that may not be captured in HMIS: 

  • Hours of operation 
  • Website 
  • Geographic coverage 
  • Target populations 

Providers with unique properties can be tagged within the Resource Directory, making it easier than ever to find specific and relevant help when you need it! 

Integrate ongoing Show The Way Street Outreach data with annual Point in Time Count data

By integrating the Street Outreach data collected through Show The Way in the Command Center with data captured annually in a single Point in Time Count, these efforts can inform each other. The ongoing data collection can help focus efforts for the Point in Time Count; conversely, for communities just getting started with Show The Way, past Point in Time Count data can be instructive for planning Street Outreach efforts.