The app for street outreach

Guide people from homeless to housed

Show The Way

By Simtech Solutions

Outreach teams often have different coverage areas, services they provide, and operating hours. People experiencing homelessness need to know where to go for help and resources, but it can be unclear. Show the Way provides the solution, and further enables teams to support people right where they are with follow-ups and notes.

Homeless Person Observation

Care workers can make live notes to track repeat interactions with individuals

Encampment Screening

Make observations and view past notes on homeless encampments

Resource Directory

People in need can view a resource map of the local community, such as beds and meals

Document Information

Street outreach teams, first responders, and others (“Navigators”) can quickly capture information about the exact location of an interaction and identify the person they are engaging with.

Organize your records

Easily access past interactions and info about a unique individual or encampment using name, location, facial recognition, or a unique barcode.

Provide assistance

Conduct a “light touch” assessment, and track whatever services or resources were provided.

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