Show The Way Version 3.0 – April 2024

Show The Way continues to grow and adapt to the needs of communities around the Nation. In its latest iteration, productivity and user interface have come into focus while creating new avenues for recording interactions with clients/encampments and data tracking. In addition to streamlining the interface, brand-new features have been added that will expand the capability of Show The Way and allow communities to optimize other community programs, such as shelter referrals and use.


  • Left-hand navigation is reworked to always show on the home page and collapsed.
  • New ‘Lookup Client’ tile widget on the home page.
  • The calendar has been removed from the home page for further


  • Client Profile’s layout on mobile has been reworked to improve case management workflow.  When opening a client’s profile, the first page is now ‘Take Action.’  This page has been reworked to be a centralized hub with quick-access tiles for the different data that might need to be entered.  The tiles cover; Client Profiles, Client Surveys, Enrollment Surveys, Case Notes, Alerts, Follow-Ups, and Services.  This is separate from selecting the different tabs at the bottom of the Client Profile.
  • Removed ‘Start Interaction’ to clean up the Case Management workflow so that finding a client’s profile is always the first step.
  • New toggle ability on ‘Other Client Details’ allowing all past survey submissions to be viewed within a grid.
  • A new grid with all enrollments with survey workflow support and household management.
  • New case manager assignment functionality.
  • A client’s enrollment no longer needs to have an active status to be exited meaning they can be exited at any time.
  • New listing of which encampments a client is staying at or has been staying.


  • New tab panel allowing users to view summary (location, created by, date), surveys, services, and notes separately.
  • The interactions grid can be reconfigured to show all services an agency provides, grouped by interaction.
  • The interaction overview has been reworked to include created by and information date on the summary screen with surveys being moved to a new tab.
  • Alerts and follow-ups are now connected to interactions.
  • The date for Interaction information can be edited. This applies to all connected data – surveys, services, and case notes.


  • Survey responses can now be edited.
  • Tags can be created, edited, and assigned to requests to support filtering.
  • All public portal survey submissions will automatically become a request with a new ‘Public Portal’ tag applied.


Admin Functionality

  • New service-type options can be created for the campaign/datastore.
  • New project set-up wizard that allows selection of service types and surveys to be assigned and unassigned for a selection of projects.
  • Service type options can be assigned to each project separately.
  • Project funding type changes will automatically assign or unassign associated HUD service-type options.
  • Tags can be created, edited, and assigned to projects for filtering in the resource directory.
  • A new grid of all client enrollments with survey workflow support and household management.
  • Users are automatically assigned to a project in the Resource Directory based on a matching email domain.

Bed Reservation System

  • Bed reservations have dedicated notes separate from client notes.
  • A scheduled task will run at noon EST to create a bed-night service for the day for all open bed reservations.
  • Editing check-in dates will remove and add bed-night services as needed.
  • Add rules/checks for new check-ins to handle open check-ins for the selected client in the same project.
  • The core set of client demographics is included as hidden columns in the inventory grid for export.
  • Users can add survey data to the bed inventory grid.
  • Users can open the original bed request for bed reservations where applicable.
  • The resource list shows bed inventory separated by available, referral pending, and reserved.


  • Grid export includes all columns, no longer excluding hidden columns.
  • Users can now save column selections and filters as grid views.
  • Users can now add survey data for Clients, Interactions, Encampments, and Requests to the grid view.
  • ‘My Interactions’ has been converted to the grid on the web view in sync and mirrors interaction grid functionality.

Bug Fixes

  • Public portal submissions will not assign participant ID 1.
  • Error with opening ‘My Interactions’ while viewing client profiles.
  • Error with notes not saving within a request.
  • The ‘Current Living Situation’ screen no longer needs to be double-clicked to complete.
  • Backing out of past interactions on the Client History tab on the web view no longer creates an error message in the console.