About Simtech

At our core, Simtech Solutions Inc. is a cause-driven technology services provider with a passion for developing innovative technologies to help people experiencing homelessness. When we built the first HMIS data warehouse in the US back in 2002 and proved the efficacy of the Housing First model, we realized that we will make the most impact by applying our rare understanding of both tech and supply/demand economics to the issue. Since then, we have continued to provide technical solutions and consulting services, to support organizations’ and communities’ responses to homelessness. Our tools and staff help regions quantify the extent of the problem, isolate the contributing factors, and implement data-driven decision-making processes into daily operations to address some of the most consistent challenges across regions.


We pioneered the usage of data analysis to guide allocating housing resources. In 2002, Simtech developed the first HMIS data warehouse in the nation. The research conducted within the warehouse helped propel the Housing First movement, and was awarded the Advanced Data Users Award by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Projects that serve the homeless around the US rely on us to measure their impact, guide the decision-making process with evidence, and to meet the HUD requirements.


surveys filled to aid individuals


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U.S. Regions use our tools for the homeless census


U.S. projects serving the homeless rely on us

Show the Way has already been piloted in Houston, San Diego, and Charlotte and we are using the lessons learned from outreach staff, homeless clients, and service providers to inform our tech.

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